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V450BD5 Parts

Complete stock of parts due in for this heli the week of December 17th.  Sorry for the delay but the factory is just now making them available.

While many of the parts for the new 5-bladed 450 heli are the same as for the regular V450D01 there are some differences, most notably with the rotor head, blades and fuselage.  We will updating the parts section once we get the specialty parts in.

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Customer Testimonials: ---------------------------------------
"Thank you very much for the prompt service."
- AT Hawaii,HI 12/09/2013

"My order arrived today just after 1:00 p.m. today, so thanks again for getting it out so quick on Tuesday!"
- SF Austin, TX 12/5/2013

"i am very happy. Thanks for your great customer service."
- RC 9/19/2013

"whoopy! You the Man! "
- CB, 6/26/13

"thankyou,,your the best!!"
- SB, 5/9/13

"My LadyBird V2 Quadcopter with FPV Camera and Devo F4 arrived much sooner than I was expecting. I was very happy to see that the system passed a test flight at your facilities and was ready to fly out of the box."
- TL 3/24

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