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Walkera F7 FPV Video Flight System


Real-Time Flying As Seen From The Cockpit:  The Walkera F7 FPV Video System

As usual, WalkeraHelicopterSupply is one of the first in the USA to stock this product.  We secured the first 4 production units!

Walkera outdoes the competition once again!  Many of us have seen the really inexpensive (cheap, if you will - in more ways than one) quads available from Costco and Brookstone as well as at hobby dealers.  Here at WALKERAHELICOPTERSUPPLY.COM, we have been asked many times to carry such items.  We have always declined because the systems available did not meet our standards as they were riddled with problems and limitations.  Two examples are limited range and weak construction.  Range was limited primarily because the others used bluetooth technology which is only operable about 30 feet away.
Walkera has solved a multitude of technical problems and is proud to announce the pending release of a stand-alone, real time video system that will give you a real time view from a pilot's perspective.  Not only that, it has a usable range of 200 to 300 meters!  That's the length of 2 to 3 football fields away for us American types.  Imagine, a distance so far away we normally would not even be able to discern the direction our craft was heading.  This single system will add a whole new level of excitement and realism to our flying experience.  Being a stand-alone system, it can be installed into the craft of our choice as long as the craft has adequate size and lifting power to support the video transmission and power unit.

Our F7 package comes complete with a LiPo for the transmitter.  Use your standard GA-005 to charge your battery or purchase another.  Choose ready to install systems for Walkera products from the choices in the drop-down box above or select your own custom components as you desire.


Product Name: F7 FPV - Available NOW

TX Specifications:

  • Encoder: 7-channel micro computer system
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz DSSS
  • Output Power:  ≤100mW
  • Current Drain: ≤500mA(100mWh)
  • Transmitter Power Supply: 7.4V  800mAh
  • Output Pulse: 1000—2000ms (1500ms Neutral)
  • Image Receiving Frequency:  5.8G
  • Video Channel Selection: 8 channel

TX Features:

  • The DEVO F7 adopts 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology and features automatic ID binding and ID assignment. It may also be set as fixed ID code.
  • 5.8G real-time image transmission.
  • USB connectivity makes the latest firmware updates always available via the internet.
  • Adjustable hi-frequency output power allows control of signal range - especially important in high use environments.
  • Wireless data transmission between two DEVO F7 TX supports training of inexperienced pilots. 
  •  Up to 15-model data can be saved.
  • Gyro sensitivity, adjustable by the DEVO F7, makes switching between hovering and acrobatic flight modes convenient.
  • Super large LCD display features direct and convenient setting.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable operation.
  • Length and tension of the sticks are adjustable to suit operator preference.
  • DEVO F7 can be freely switched among Modes 1, 2,3 and4
  • DEVO F7 is suitable for Helicopter,Multi-Rotor (IE. Quads) and Airplane use. The Helicopter mode provides three flight modes, each of which can be freely set with personalized parameters to meet the requirement for F3C or 3D aerobatic flight.

Included Items - Basic DEVO F7 System:

F7 Complete with RX701RX for non-Walkera systems (conversion):


F7 Transmitter/Display
LiPo Battery for F7 TX


Card Reader
4GB MicroSD


Included Items for Hoten-X System that supports recording via Micro SD Card.  This is an install it yourself system.  (If you prefer a factory system rather rhan doing it yourself check out this factory installed  brushed motor real-time system):

Basic DEVO F7 System PLUS:



Card Reader

4GB MicroSD

2mm Power Lead

Included Items for MX 400, MX 400S & QR X400 System (Supports recording via Micro SD Card):

Basic DEVO F7 System PLUS:



Card Reader

4GB MicroSD

3.5mm Power Lead

Included Items for Ladybird, Scorpion, Spacewalker and Infra-X (Does NOT support recording - Real-time video only):

Basic DEVO F7 System PLUS:

TX5806 w/ Camera

Optional chargers and camera mounts available too!

Click to download the F7 FPV installation and user's manual.